Anderson-Cook’s Remanufactured Machines

Customers who own a machine that no longer performs up to specification can consider the cost efficiency of an Anderson-Cook remanufacture. A complete Anderson-Cook rebuild is, technically and accurately, a remanufacture of that machine to “as new” specifications and performance. The inherent strength of a machine’s casting allows for re-use, and re-use may be preferred over re-purchase, with considerable savings compared to the price of a new machine.

Concerned with the robustness of a machine or the quality of the remanufacture? Consider the history of Anderson-Cook’s very first machine. Built in 1971 it rolled millions of parts before returning in 1995 for a remanufacture. Millions of parts later the same machine returned in 2012 for a second remanufacture. Pictured below: our first machine, ready to be shipped back to our customer, ready to roll millions more parts.

Keep in mind that we gladly remanufacture any brand of spline rolling machines.

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Please contact us with any questions regarding spline rolling.