About Us

Anderson-Cook is a family owned machine tool company headquartered in Clinton Township, Michigan. The company was founded by Marvin Anderson in 1971 and incorporated the groundbreaking technologies that Mr. Anderson personally developed in the 1950’s. The first customer purchased one machine. The second customer purchased four. Marvin Anderson’s company grew. By the 1990’s Anderson-Cook innovation and dedication to customer service helped established the company as the North American machine tool leader. The 1998 launch of the 340 Vertical electric machine, as well as the 2003 introduction of the 300 series vertical electric and the economical 200 series hydraulic, are a few examples of how Anderson-Cook has consistently grown while never forgetting Marvin Anderson’s founding philosophy: provide the highest quality product, emphasize continual product improvement and innovation, and strive for complete customer satisfaction. Anderson-Cook continues to grow, innovate, and maintain the highest quality standards while servicing customers across the globe.

Please contact us with any questions regarding spline rolling.