Anderson-Cook’s Marand Model 300E Series Electric

The Marand Model 300E spline rolling machine is Anderson-Cook’s innovative alternative to traditional hydraulic drive machines. A vector-duty induction motor eliminates the hydraulic system freeing up precious floor space. The 300E series boasts increased control of machine velocity, acceleration, and stroke while dramatically reducing work-place decibels. Additional benefits include adjustable pre-load on rolled parts, greatly reduced need for machine maintenance, and a dramatic cut in energy demand and resultant operating expense. The Marand Model 300E offers these advantages, and the respected Anderson-Cook nameplate.

The model 300E is available in configurations of 330E, 340E, 350E, and 360E, accommodating rack/tooling lengths of 24″, 36″, 48″, and 60″, respectively. (See table below for more details). Further customization is available for automatic parts loading, multiple rack/tool configurations, and quick-change fixtures as well as the speed, stroke and sound advantages listed above. The 300E line accepts a variety of electrical power inputs, utilizes a self-contained oil or water based coolant system, and is of rigid cast iron design. And all machines are built for ease of service.

Choosing a Machine

Machine choices usually “start with the part”. The part’s characteristics will typically determine the size machine needed. Our expert engineers can quickly and accurately assess your part’s requirements, guiding you to a machine ideal for your needs while avoiding the cost-overages of “too much machine.” One more way Anderson-Cook experience saves you money.

Model 330E Model 340E Model 350E Model 360E Model 370E
Height 78″ 78″ 78″ 78″ 78″
Width (A) 120″ 144″ 165″ 190″ 190″
Depth (B) 64″ 64″ 64″ 64″ 64″
Depth with Overarm (C) 118″ 118″ 118″ 118″ 118″
Motor Size* 25HP 25HP 40HP 40HP 50HP
Weight 22000 27000 33000 40000 46000
Maximum Rack Size 24″ 36″ 48″ 60″ 72″
Fixture Width* 3.63″ 3.63″ 4.75″ 6.00″ 6.00″
Standard Daylight Opening* 5.50″ 5.50″ 6.00″ 6.00″ 6.00″
Max. Stroke of Slide 30″ 44″ 55″ 69″ 81″
Max OD of Work Part* 2.0″ 2.0″ 2.5″ 2.5″ 2.5″

*Can be customized to suit the desired application

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Please contact us with any questions regarding spline rolling.