Hobbed gears, both spur and helical from 5.0 module (5DP) to 0.4 module (64DP) on state of the art, 5-axis, auto-loaded hobbing machines

Thread Rolling

thread rolling

Precision in-feed and thru-feed rolling of worms and threads with auto-loading

Thread / Worm Milling

thread worm milling

Special designed high-speed, dual spindle milling machines to assure tight tolerances and low concentricity



Fully automated centerless grinding machines to finish journal and bearing diameters to finished sizes.

Cold Drawing Material

cold drawing material

High speed cold drawing equipment with straightening to meet the strictest runout requirements while reducing material costs

CNC Turning

cnc turning

High speed horizontal and vertical machining with auto-loading of blanks.

Crimping and Assembly

crimping and assembly

Special automated equipment to properly secure components and then check for the correct position

Value Add Stamping Assemblies

stamping assemblies

Automated or Manual Assembly of Retained Fasteners, Weld Studs, Nuts, Hubs, & Bracket Sub Assemblies. Plastic or Magnetic Overmold. E-coat and Specialty Packaging